martineigenbergAirport, club, office and studio. Those are the answers, if you ask Martin Eigenberg to his weekly plannings. Managing his own record label Groundunder Recordings, various DJ gigs around Europe and music productions determinate his everyday life. Since 10 years his performances are feared worldwide. At every “Jägermeister” shot taken by the audience, the Potsdam born DJ and producer tosses down three. In his appearances he repeatedly demonstrates how to turn any situation into a party situation. With his mix of house and progressive sounds, he combines man and women on the dance floor. Currently Martin’s latest productions ‘White Line’ and ‘Congo’ enjoying huge support from the likes of Funkerman, Scumfrog, Plastik Funk, Mario Da Ragnio and many more. Those who want an insight into his skills, should control the following cities soon: Vienna, Nuremberg, Bale, Dresden, Beirut and Berlin.